Invisible Monsters

Invisible Monsters - Chuck Palahniuk *an audio book edition*

When I read this book for the first time I was in high school and I loved all things CP. Especially this book.

Now about eight years later it was this book I thought of when I began to wonder what a good audio book might be when it came to driving north with my boyfriend for half of a day. He's not a reader like I am but I felt that any Palahniuk book might be a good find for him. In the past he had read "Choke" and enjoyed it so I figured another Palahniuk pick may be a good choice.

In the end I chose two Palahniuk audio books. Invisible Monsters and one I haven't read before, Damned.

We decided to listen to IM first. All through Missouri and into Illinois. It was a nice five hour distraction. Since I "borrowed" this audio book from my library via the internet I had to download a new program to get the book onto my computer initially. Overdrive Media, it's called. From there I was able to transfer the book into five parts, each segment being just over an hour long onto my Kindle. In the car I plugged my Kindle into my AUX and was able to listen to the narrator's increasingly irritating voice for five hours.

The narrator's voice was probably the biggest downfall to this audio book. There's something to be said about the voice you use in your head to read a book and then the voice that is chosen to read to others. I remember in high school when I read the book for the first time and how I emphasized the *flash* words that are repeated throughout the book.

There is something that is lost when you listen to a book compared to when you read it. Perhaps it's the narrator's voice but I think it's something else I can't put my finger on at the moment. Nevertheless it's a nice alternative that I'll most likely continue to use as I take my long drives to and from OK. I didn't zone out like I thought I would.