A Stolen Life

A Stolen Life - Jaycee Dugard Let's be honest- this was more of a therapeutic assignment rather than anything else.

Initially I was interested in reading this because I wanted to know the 'complete' story. Unfortunately I felt that what I read I had read before in magazine articles. There was little new information. I felt like to go along with her recovery the author was given free range and told to most likely just 'writer her story'. While I can understand that it must have been quite hard for her I do feel that someone could have gone through and made it more 'user-friendly'.

I can understand that the author did not want her children's names revealed but at the same time they already were to the public via court documents and other media outlets. Towards the end of the book I did feel like I was just reading notes from her therapist's notebook on what exercises they practiced, how well she did and how she made the connections.

The story in itself is a sad one and we get that, we expect that. Therefore I feel there should probably have been a little more healing time before this book was published. Because as of now it simply comes off as rushed.

I'm not sure if the book was published before the author was awarded the 20 million dollars, but perhaps this was a way of trying to secure financial safety for her daughters' futures.