Bird in Hand

Bird in Hand - Christina Baker Kline This was one of the books I grabbed at the Border's final closing sale. I knew nothing of the author, never heard of this book before so I had nothing to except.

Growing up as a child from divorce I always am interested to read about couples who go through the process. What leads up to the final decision, how they begin the process, ect. I suppose I would have liked to have read about how the couple ended up telling their children, but it wasn't a major loss.

I'm always one wanting a happy ending, and if Allison got her's or is at least okay with where she is at the end of this book that's alright with me too I suppose. It's weird to see a couple's love and marriage dissolve but at the same time still go through the "routine" that a couple in love would do, minus the love.

I enjoyed this book because I really hated some characters. Allison's mother for one. She's everything I fear a grandmother/mother-in-law would be. I wish Allison and Ben went to each-other for more support and I'm a little surprised they didn't as how close they seemed at the beginning of the novel with the accident. But it appeared later on that they really weren't close at all?

I was really hoping in the end Charlie and Claire would realize they've made a huge mistake and come to the realization that they aren't as compatible as they thought they were and were left to live a life of regret.

And after everything Charlie had done throughout the book to read that "he was happy" at the end and okay with how things were going made me sick. He's disgusting.