Girl - Blake Nelson I read this book wayyyy before I should have. I had borrowed it from my local library, after discovering the new-to-me "Young Adult" section of the library.I'm guessing the year was around 1998 because after reading it I was at my grandparents' with my Mom and we had rented the movie Girl, Interrupted on VHS. One of the previews included the trailer for Girl. Which I had NO idea had was turned into a movie (a straight to VHS movie that is). For the longest time I searched and searched but could never find any more information on it (finally watched it last year, btw).

If I read the book now I'm not sure I would like it as much. It might come across as angsty and silly. But then it was about high schoolers' in the Northwestern grunge scene-a world I have/had NO idea about. I was on the verge of becoming a teenager myself and reading about this world of high schoolers' more or less blew my mind. They were so grown up doing such adult things.

I saw a used copy of this book at Hastings the other month and almost bought it. But I think I secretly hoped some young preteen who reads books too mature for herself would somehow get her hands on it.