The Newlyweds

The Newlyweds - Nell Freudenberger It took me awhile to get around to writing this review. After I finished the book I had to step back and think about what I just read.

At the end of the book the author goes over her acknowledgements and thanks her inspiration for the book-a woman she met on an airplane. Suddenly it all made sense.

The whole way through I kept asking myself, "Why am I still reading this book?" Nothing happens, really. You think something is going to happen, you very much want something to happen but nothing really does. For me the climax of the book happened in the middle of the story and then it just panned out from there.

Still, there must be more to this book because I kept hauling through it. It took me on average a little longer than usual to get through it but I managed. It never got to the point that I was bored enough to move on.

Essentially it's a story about newlyweds. Newlyweds from different cultures and how they choose to make it work. The secrets they had from their lives prior to their relationship and how they chose to deal with that.

The story spans over about a five-year period, which I think is what weakens the story. I never felt that these newlyweds truly loved or cared for each other. And when one called the other a pet name it almost came as a shock.

I'd say this story is almost more about living your whole life in a different part of the world and then coming to America and trying to adapt. It sure made me look at my life in a different light.