The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project - Gretchen Rubin I decided to quit while I was ahead with this book. About nine percent into this book. I really wanted to like this book, I've heard good things about it, Sierrabb can't stop raving about it and I really enjoy the author's blog and website. So why not the book as well? It started out good enough, I was highlighting every other line on my Kindle. I was impressed by the author's research and some of the past historical figures she turned to for guidance.

In the author's intro Rubin wrote how at a cocktail party a guest asked her why she would be a good canidate for such a project? She has a law degree, a good job, is married with children and lives on the upper east side of NYC. Hmm, so far nothing that I'll be able to relate to the author with. Still, I gave Rubin props for acknowledging this observation and clarifying that while she is generally a happy person she would like to try and find out how to be happier.

I couldn't even get through the first month, or chapter of her book. Each chapter being dedicated to one of the twelve months and a few "resolutions" she made for each month. Quickly I learned that all this book is is one giant to-do list of how to get your life in order when you one day find yourself married, with kids and a hectic schedule.

There weren't any obstacles the author had to over come. Nothing except try and find a way to avoid temptation so she could go to bed earlier. Her biggest problem of getting better sleep was making sure all the digital items in her bedroom had their lights hidden?


Once I got to the second chapter on how she could improver her marriage, I gave up reading straight through. I skimmed through a section where she talks about organizing a closet.

What is this? This isn't a happiness project, this is how to live like an adult and do adult, responsible things. Pick up your shit, don't hoard old and unused items.

I'm glad this book is a library loan and I didn't go ahead and buy it like I was planning on originally.