Gone Girl

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn I am so glad I was finally able to read this book. I borrowed it, Kindle style from my local library but I just may go out and buy a physical copy for myself.

This was the first book in a very long time that I've read that really kept me guessing. Perhaps it's been awhile since I've read a good mystery/thriller but if that's the case good because I was getting a new surprise after every page. The author kept them coming, I was sure the twists were going to end a little bit after I reached the halfway point. I assumed it would all be downhill and neatly wrapped up from there.

It should be said though that before reading this book I had no idea what the concept was or what the book was about nor have I read anything else by the author. I knew it was a trendy read this summer and that I liked the sample I read on Amazon. Other than that, I had no idea.

My favorite thing about this book would probably be the love/hate relationship I felt with practically all of the characters. In the end I didn't get my way (Didn't I? I'm not too sure to be honest) but it ended appropriately for the characters' sake.

Gone Girl is definitely a book I will purposely try to segway into a conversation and recommend to anybody I come in contact with. Really, I've been hinting at my fiancé to pick up a copy.

Now the challenge is to decide what book to read next. Gone Girl is one of those books that leaves such an impression on you, that hits you so hard that when you're finished you're not quite sure what to do with yourself because you know everything else you pick up next is going to be a disappointment. So, any recommendations?