Distortion: A Novel

Distortion: A Novel - Lucie Smoker May I take a moment and applaud author Lucie Smoker on her debut novel, Distortion? I've been waiting anxiously to read this book since I met her this past summer and have spent every hour of my lunch break this last diving into Adele Proust's world.

Set in the art district of Houston, local artist Adele Proust finds herself in the middle of murder investigation. Adele is a quiet girl who simply wants to paint and be around her friends but her world is about to come crashing down around her. The intrigue and lies the come along with any mystery novel are sure to pull you in from the beginning and Smoker's talent for developing repeatable characters will keep you rooting for them throughout the book.

What I love about Distortion is that it's set in Houston, Texas. Not Manhattan, not Chicago or any other trendy city we see so much of in books today but in the art district of Houston. I've only been to Houston once before and had no idea how little I knew about the city. After doing some light reading on Montrose area I was surprised that what I had been reading was not so much a great story but as well as a call to attention that is needed for the area, emphasizing on homeless veterans, drug cartels and of course, the arts.

And like every great mystery novel there is a love story. A hopeless romantic at heart all I wanted was for Adele to be happy and find the right man who would do that for her.

With strong characters, a great story line and wonderful descriptions Distortion is a fun read for all. I can't wait to find out what Smoker has in store for us next. . .