Just One Day

Just One Day  - Gayle Forman I am so glad that this book got better. I was really worried though, and confused after reading all the great reviews. I thought, maybe I'm too old for this book.

The depression is what saved her. Prior to that she was unbearable. I kept thinking back to when I was eighteen and granted I had two younger siblings for my parents to dote on I wanted to cut the cords so bad. Perhaps I was more of a Melanie.

My favorite parts were when Allyson became depressed, grew some balls and started living the life she wanted. When she was snippy with her mom gave me life. The saving point for me was that Allyson found herself. She stopped giving a f about what other people (i.e. her mom) thought of her and began thinking for herself. We need more of that in books I feel. Especially YA.

Not sold on the idea of reading the other two books. I'm trying to find some in depth summaries to read on Wiki or something. Because I don't know if I can handle the gay best friend switching teams out of nowhere and have this love triangle go on for two more books. All because of a communication issue that got way out of hand.