The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch - Donna Tartt I read this via ebook from my library. Usually, what I do is read a book and then skim through all the Goodread reviews and feedback but for some reason I broke my own rule this time. And after seeing such hit and miss marks I was a bit dismayed. Should I even continue on? It was a hard pick-up, the beginning didn't grab me. However, I found myself sans internet during a move for five days and ended up binge reading all 775 pages. The story for the most part drew me in. But I tend to be drawn to life stories like that. During the last ten percent of the book, however, I was back to skimming again. And then the book ended and I sat there, unsatisfied. That's it? That's what I spent these last few days reading? I stayed up into all hours of the night for that? Oye. I don't know. I'd still watch the movie/miniseries.