Wisconsin Weddings

Wisconsin Weddings - Andrea Boeshaar, Andrea Boeshaar Oh my goodness. I got this book at a library sale. I was intrigued because from the looks of it, the book was about two things I enjoy: Wisconsin and weddings. I was not aware this was a Christian contemporary piece.

I've read Christian fiction before and most of the time I can stomach it, although it's almost always on accident and by the time I realize what's going on I'm way too involved in the book.

One would think, with 'Wisconsin' being in the title that there would be a lot of Wisconsin references. No, not really. Instead it's mostly about being a good person and very little Wisconsin references.

What always bothers me about these Christian books is how stereotypical they are. Not one character ever has a drink or says anything rated above a "oh darn". For once it would be refreshing to read a book about real people who believe in God but also have a glass of wine. I mean, my family goes to church but we also offer our guests a plethora of drinks when they come over...I mean, we're from Wisconsin after all.

And I'm still not quite sure what the main character meant when she said that her ex-boyfriend had told her he loved her "in the most intimate of ways" but then she goes on to clarify that they never had sex (because they're good Christians, of course and everyone who has sex prior to marriage will burn in Hades). So how intimate things got between the two, is left a mystery. But I'm pretty sure it was not orally.

Often when I'm reading these books I find myself praying that if I can just get through it and not throw this book at the wall...but in this case, I cannot.

Mostly, I was done as soon as the character described being a stay-at-home mom as a "domestic engineer". Do you have any idea the amount of schooling, time and money it takes to become an actual, legit engineer? Parenting is hard work but this shit is ridiculous.